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Irresistible Visual

How to create attractive video ads so powerful that even your competitors' audience can't resist

By Ahmed Olawale O.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Hi smart entrepreneur,

It's time to get hold of your competitors' audience and make them yours forever.

Are you curious?

You will discover how that will happen if you pay attention to this letter from start to finish.

And that's a big, bold promise.

Now, I will explain...

When your video ad contains all the vital elements in a powerful video ad… even your competitors' audience will switch sides and become your admirers and promoters.

This is the same ad strategy Jumia, Konga, and other big brands are using.

The reason these top brands use this strategy is that it works like a charm.

Here's why it works.

Research has shown that video generates 200% more shares than images and text combined. Why?

That's because videos easily get and retain people's attention...

And that ultimately leads to huge conversions.

It works everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, WhatsApp, etc.

For example,

The reason why many business owners using WhatsApp don't make sales is that…

When they try to sell via WhatsApp status, they bore people with their posts.

They make long posts like tiny waist beads wrapped around a thick lady's waist.

And guess what happens?

Before people get to the product they like they are already bored, so they stop viewing.

Or they simply tap and go without paying attention to the products.

This also gets the sellers muted or blocked by their contacts.

But you can be different and make steady sales on WhatsApp… and everywhere else.

Here's how;

You can grab, retain and increase people's attention span toward your business by using entertaining and engaging video ads.

And you know what's most interesting?

You will be able to create these videos yourself.

And you will do it only with your smartphone.

IMAGINE THIS (and this is for a product video ad);

First, the unique thumbnail of your video attracts a potential customer from afar.

When they click to check it out, they are welcomed by a slick display of your brand.

There is a little description presented with a combination of good font styles and colors.

Then within a second, matching music blasts from the background. This is timely and the customer is hooked.

As they unconsciously move their body to the sound of your video, a magic transition you had professionally programmed takes effect.

Then, a beautiful catalog of your products starts displaying. And the person is not bothered. They are not willing to pause or end the video. They are hooked.

The video is easy on the eyes. They love what they are seeing and they are willing to buy.

If they can't afford your products now, they are willing to share the video and even save it in their gallery and proudly show their loved ones.

This feels so exciting.

When another person sees the video, the experience is the same. They are hooked. They buy, share and/or save the video.

And you know where it gets more interesting?

The more people are tempted to share your video ads… the more they are dying to know who the creator is.

And that creator will be YOU.

Yes, you can do this…

Now, let me show you the kind of videos I'm talking about.

But before I do that, let me repeat my genuine promise.

If you read every word in this letter and act upon it, I guarantee you will;

  • Be able to increase your customers' engagement with your brand. The engagement that will boost your brand and product awareness

  • Boost your business revenue and increase your sales conversions than you can ever imagine

  • Get market exposure and authority. You will become hard to fight in your market

  • Stop posting long, boring product pictures on your WhatsApp status. So, your contacts will no longer mute you on the green app

  • Make more sales or even land video editing jobs

  • Become proud of your creativity. You will be amazed at what magic you can make with product videos

You will achieve all this with your smartphone.

Now, let me ask you:

What if this makes other small businesses lose competition against you?

How about you're able to compete with brands that are doing well in the market… And you easily claim your market share?

What if people feel excited to check your WhatsApp status instead of muting or blocking you?

What if your competitors' audience falls in love with your videos and ultimately becomes your customers?

How about you become richer in creativity, visibility, sales, and income generation?

Would any of these make any difference in your life?


Now before we continue, see these video examples;

Don't you wish you were either the creator of these videos or they were created for your business?

Don't worry, in less than 3 minutes, you'll be on your way to starting to create videos like those… and you can even do better.

Do you doubt this?

There are tons of people who are already creating stunning videos just like the ones I showed you a few paragraphs ago.

And they did it with their smartphones. The videos above were also created with a smartphone. You too will do this.

The reason why you're not creating videos with your phone yet… is that you believe you need a PC to create a professional video.

But that's not true.

I know because...

You've come across so many stunning videos made with smartphones. But you never thought they could have been made with smartphones.

That's okay because nobody goes about telling the world what they make their videos with.

Unless it's a watermarked video which of course shows unprofessionalism.

A lot of people don't know they can make professional videos with their smartphones.

Some people even think smartphone video editing software is a video game.

So you are not alone... That's the kind of society we find ourselves in.

It doesn't matter if you've tried learning smartphone video editing but failed

You might have gotten a crappy course. The coach might be talking in terms you don't understand. The coach might be too fast showing you the necessary features of the editing software.

Or your coach might even not be an expert. Or an expert who isn't skilled in the art of teaching.

But I bet, you will to create videos such as the ones I showed you earlier with your smartphone if you follow my advice in this letter.

It's not a walk in the park. But with real commitment, you are already a pro.

Are you wondering why am I so sure you can do this?

It's because we've partnered with a fine smartphone video editing expert and mentor. He's so skilled in the art of making good videos and teaching the skills.

He's very supportive and gentle in his dealing with his students. You have no choice but to get good.

But you can't delay any longer because...

The earlier you start learning anything, the earlier you will get good at it.

And besides,

This new course is currently available at a giveaway offer for a few days. This is to help promote Mastereto and the good work this course creator is doing.

It's not going to be available for long, the offer will go down once we have an extra 50 new students take it. This is why you must take action now.

Why should you even trust us?

You should trust us because we are on your side.

Let me explain…

We’ve been in your shoe and we know you want results when you spend money on a digital course.

For this reason, the Mastereto™ team does extensive research before recommending any course.

We make sure a course ticks all the necessary boxes before approving it.

We make sure the coach is supportive and can effectively pass his message to their students

 We embarked on a tough journey for you. 

We have been working on getting the right video editing course since December 2021. And we were just able to list one in March 2022.

And in the quest for better results (with the creator) for our students, this new course is being listed in January 2023.

We did extensive research and hunting for over 3 months before finding a good course. And spent another 10 months to get this new great course here.

Mastereto became operational in October 2021 and up to date, we've not had anyone regret taking our recommended courses.

So, you would be the first person to if you're unsatisfied with our recommendation after taking action. And if that happens, we'll pay you back your money with no issues.

Meet Your Mentor

Sodiq Ololade

Sodiq Ololade

Sodiq Ololade is a video ads expert, and motion graphics designer.

He's the founder of ViDMAH (a brand that helps businesses increase their Visibility, traffic, and Virality online with Video Marketing and Social media advertising)

He's also a smartphone Video Ad coach. He has trained over 500 paid students.

He has worked with reputable brands like Senatorch Limited, Smartmarkets Store, Aw KUNGSBRON (a Swedish company), etc.

Sodiq Ololade created the Video Ads Course I've been talking about.

I've talked so much about this course and it's time to show you what it entails.

So without further ado, I'm introducing…

The New Video Ads Creation Course

This is a self-paced digital course on video ads creation and editing.

This course shows you the nitty-gritty of creating video ads so powerful that everyone, including your competitors' audience, will love and even be tempted to share.

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Get market exposure and be proud of your creativity and business

  • Gain authority in your field so everyone respects you

  • Increase your brand visibility so your sales can grow

  • Master video editing skills in a short time

  • Become hard to compete against in your industry

  • Sell effectively with unique marketing strategies

  • Reach even more people without spending more (people will share your videos if they are attractive, you know?)

  • Gain mastery and get certified after taking an examination

And much more…

After signing up, you'll get instant access to the course. You can study at your pace. You also get live support. So, it's not only you by yourself.

Curious about how you'll be able to achieve the aforementioned goals?

See What You'll Be Mastering From The Course

  • How to create powerful video ads to promote your business and multiply your sales

  • How to create video ads that sell for brands and get paid for your service

  • Principles and stages of video creation

  • Understanding Visual and Typography Composition to make your video ads pop

  • How to Create Promotional Videos to promote brands’ events for cut-through visibility

  • How to create product video ads to promote and sell your products

  • How to edit your live videos for social media ads to multiply your conversion rate

  • How to add transition and use good effects that retain attention to your videos

  • How to edit your videos like a professional and make them more presentational.

  • How to download your video and use it anywhere you want

There is so much for you to gain from this course. But don't take my word for it...

See What Other Real Humans Like You Are Saying

VAC Testimonial
VAC Testimonial1
VAC Testimonial2

Now, you also can't wait to get these kinds of results and brag about it.

But you may still be wondering if you can afford the course.

But I bet you can. It's the most affordable yet valuable video ads creation course you'd ever find.

Even though this course originally costs N20,000, it's currently tagged at only N10,000. That's a whopping 50% discount.

It's even more interesting as you may not pay up to that today.

But before going further to discuss the peanut price, here are other bonuses you get when you get the course.

When you sign up for the course, you will also get these amazing bonuses:

  • Free Access to the tutor's video resources where you would get access to premium images, background music, icons, Stock videos. (Value N15k but you will get it for Free)

  • How to write a video Script plus 10 samples. (Value: N5k but you'll get it for FREE)

  • 2 untapped ways to get your Video Ideas. (Value: N5k but it's yours for FREE)

  • How to download premium Stock videos without copyright. (Value: N5k but it's yours for FREE)

  • How to create Money generating offers with product video Ads. (N7k but take it for FREE)

  • How to download Background music without copyright. (N7k but take it for FREE)

Total Course + Bonuses Prices = N42,000

Discount Price: N6,000

Our Expansion Offer = N1,700. Yes, you'll only be paying N1,700 if you hurry and get our expansion offer.

This is to help an extra 50 new students get access to the course and see the good job we do at Mastereto. So, this offer is short-lived, so hurry!

Any other thing?

Okay, I know you definitely can't let this offer slip through your hands now.

But we still want to make you a crazy guarantee in case you become the first person who is unsatisfied with our recommendation.

Try it for 30 Days

You can get this course and try it for 30 days.

If after studying and truly practising the lessons for 30 days, you feel the course is a thrash.

We'll refund you every penny paid and we'll apologize for wasting your time.

Just email [email protected] or chat 08183944584 and your money will be refunded with an apology for wasting your time.

What else? Nothing… I see no reason why you should let this offer elude you now.

To get started, just register for the course and you are in.

So if you'd like to take advantage of this offer and start creating excellent video ads, then click the Orange button below to sign up now.

But nothing happens if you don't take this offer.

The only thing is you'll not be able to create video ads so powerful that even your competitors' audience can't resist.

And that may result in you losing brand visibility and some sales to your competitors.

And even stop you from exploring your creativity in video editing.

But if you don't want any of these to happen and want to give this course a try, tap the button below to sign up now.

P.S: In case you are in a hurry and you just rush here, here's the summary:

The new "Video Ads Creation Course" is a video editing course where Sodiq Ololade shows you how to create attractive video ads with your smartphone.

You will be able to create stunning video ads so powerful that everyone, including your competitors' audience, can't resist.

The course is N10k and with the bonuses, it crosses to N42k.

But today's expansion offer is N1,700…

This is to help an extra 50 new students get access to the course and see the good job we do at Mastereto.

And you can also try the course for 30 days and ask for a refund if you don’t gain value from it. That’s like paying only N67 for 30 days to learn video ads creation and editing.

This offer is short-lived, so hurry now!

If you're willing to master how to use your smartphone to create video ads that even your competitors' audience can't resist, click the big yellow button below to sign up for the recommended course

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