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The Little-Known Secret I Use To Save Money Effectively That Anybody Can Replicate... EVEN With Low Income… Without Experiencing The Pain Of Saving

This information will save you a lot of financial headaches...

Dear Friend,

Spare a few minutes to read this letter to the end

And you’ll discover how to save money effectively...

  • Without cutting unnecessary costs on your spending

  • Without starving yourself and go through the AGONY of saving

  • Without following any of the conventional money-saving methods that make saving a hell for you…

It doesn't matter how hard saving is for you right now.

After you finish reading this letter,

Saving will no longer have to cause you AGONY… never again!

At the end of this letter, you will also discover how to:

  • Develop the ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones without feeling insecure about your money and savings

  • Be financial confident

  • Be debt-free

  • Save towards an investment of your choice

  • Live rich and happy as though… you earn big...

...EVEN if you earn below the Nigerian minimum wage

This information has liberated other people who have had access to it.

For example,

Oyinlola was a fresh graduate who only ran a small business when she discovered this money-saving secret:

UMSB testimonial

Amaka was a salary earner who thought it was not possible to save money from her little income to grow her side business when she discovered this saving secret:

UMSB testimonial 2

Before getting this secret, she used to believe she needed to earn more before she could save money.

Maybe you also think so…

But it doesn't matter… because it's all about to change now.


Have you ever wondered why you’ve not been able to save money easily and effectively?

It’s BECAUSE you have been using the conventional non-working, hard-to-implement methods to save money.

Those methods make it hard for you to save money because they make you go through the AGONY of saving…

And may even make you resent the idea of saving.

But this money-saving secret I’m about to tell you only focuses on the untold, easy-to-implement methods which make saving as interesting as spending money even if you are on a low income.


If you’ve been using those non-working, hard-to-implement methods, which take you through hell and eventually make you eat up your savings… it’s NOT your fault

It’s due to the conventional beliefs and tips being shared around by so-called financial gurus.

These people share those kind tips either because they want to look smart...

...or because they don't know better.

One way or the other we are being affected by these tips.

And that’s the reason many people can’t save money even if they have the fattest paychecks...

Now, there is no way you can get genuine information about savings anywhere…

Everyone now tries those conventional tips… 

…even though they barely work.

Maybe you've been a victim too.

But no matter how long you've been a victim, you don't have to continue that way.

At this point,

I'll share the 3 most dangerous reasons why saving is hard for you and how to fix them.

Not only will I tell you these reasons…

I'll also show you how you can start saving money effectively…. without going through the pain of saving…

And how to become debt-free… no matter how tiny your income is.

So let's get down to the details...

Here are the 3 most dangerous reasons you can't save money even if you want to:

Reason #1 You Can’t Save Money Even If You Want to: You are a victim of “bad advice” -- Take "expenses tracking" for example…

You probably have heard a lot of advice about saving, one of which is "expenses tracking" – they say you have to track your expenses before you can save money.

Is this true?

Here is a short story…

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Sultan, posted a picture on his WhatsApp story...

The texts on the picture read something like:

“if you think you are broke, go and get your bank statement for a year and you will see that you are also a baller”.

You know what I did, right??

Sometimes later, I decided to get the bank statements for one of my accounts, and what I saw STUNNED me…

The account had hit N3.1m in the course of 12 months even though I rarely keep large funds in it.

For the next few minutes, I was there holding the statement in my hands as if I was preventing it from flying away…

All this while, I was wondering, “how?" "when?”

I bet you will find yourself in the same situation if you get your bank statements too.

But I did something you’d have done…

I tried to “track my expenses” because the account closed WOEFULLY!

I really wanted to know how I lavished over N3m… while complaining I was broke.


… only a few pages into the statements and I was already TIRED.

I couldn’t continue.

I started procrastinating because ‘tracking’ became too much of a work for me – too stressful!

You see… my friend,

Truly, expenses tracking is important and most efficient in business.

But… In saving?

It’s good but the chance of you keeping up is very slim and this makes it DIFFICULT and most times, IMPOSSIBLE for you to save money effectively.

Forget expenses tracking and all the saving mumbo jumbo you’ve heard from older folks or gurus, seen on the internet or read in books… Saving Is Much EASIER Than That!

And there's another reason you can’t save money...

Reason #2 You Can’t Save Money Even If You Want to: You are waiting for the right time

Some people wasted their lifetime waiting for the right time and they never got anything done with their life.

For example,

There was a woman I met during my research on savings.

She said she was finding it hard to save money and she would like to solve the problem.

But she also said she would be willing to listen to or take any form of a solution when she's loaded…

To her, getting a solution when there is not enough money on ground is a waste of time.

But that’s not true because:

  • There is always enough money to save from, BUT only if you have a working money-saving system in place.

  • The lady is close to her 40s and if I'm to believe her story, she has earned reasonable amounts of money in the past and she couldn't save money that time as well.

Not only that,

I also met a man already in his 50s and close to his retirement

He told me how PAINED he was for not getting a solution at a younger age.

Now, he felt it was too late because he’s close to retirement and would be too old and weak to hustle when he’s retired.

I showed the man the system I use to at least prevent him from “bad advice” that could completely ruin his financial life.

So, you see…

The right time will never come because the right time has been around for ages and it’s still here…

Waiting for the right time is wasting the right time that you already have…

Now… back to the woman,

During my research, I found that folks under the age of 40 don’t take saving seriously until they become older (well above 40),

So there's no assurance she’s going to seek solutions or even find one if she wants.

“Getting a solution NOW will prevent you from looking for it in your 40s and getting you WORRIED in your 50s and can also help you retire early.

Here comes another ridiculous reason saving is a whole lot of work for you.

Reason #3 You Can’t Save Money Even If You Want to: You think you can only save money if you earn more money…

What can be farther from the truth than this?

You see,

Your expenses grow as your income grows

And if you don't know how to save money now, you still won't be able to do it when your income grows, even if it becomes x50 your current income…


Saving is not limited to any category of people.

You can save money even from your feeding allowances and be HAPPY doing so... if you know how to.

But, if you can’t save money, you can’t save money, no matter how much you earn… period!!!

But there's a way out… 

To develop the habit of saving money effectively…

You have to stop following the general methods.

You have to go against the grain and do something better!

The more you wait, the harder you find it to save money, the more money you waste, and the more you gamble with your dream financial life.

Of course, I didn’t discover this money-saving secret from my mom's womb...

In fact,

I’ve Also Experienced All The Hardships And AGONY Relating To Money-Saving…

Now, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ahmed Olawale (Lomobest).

About 4 years ago, I made a reasonable amount of money but there were no savings to show for it….

I wanted to save money, but I couldn’t.

Even when I did, the pain was too much….

I felt like I was cheating myself and missing out on a good life whenever I was saving towards anything… or just saving for saving sake...

This almost made me lose my mind…

Because just think:

I always felt DEPRESSED when the thought of my empty bank account and pocket, despite me having a job and a small business, crossed my mind.

It's a crying shame.

I felt every income was just disappearing into a thin air and every profit seemed too little.

I always had unnecessary mood swings when people around me talked about money and investment.

I was dead scared about my future….

I couldn’t talk freely and confidently about money and my future around people.

To make it worse,

I thought I could easily save money if I earned more.

It was a lie.

It kept getting harder EVEN with more profits and allowances.…

I wanted investment badly, but I couldn’t save up for even the cheapest one, which took away my PRIDE!

Then I decided to find a solution 

So I'd study books after books and practice different methods.

I did a couple of strategic research (both online and offline) until I found a 100% surefire formula for saving money easily & effectively without going through any form of pain while saving.

This formula is so effective that I'm proud to say I never had any trouble saving and spending money ever since I discovered it.

So I decided to share the formula (the whole saving blueprint) after much persuasion by my friends and WhatsApp contacts...

Many people have then benefited from it.

I know you can't wait to get access to this secret formula but let me first tell you…

How It Works...

This ‘Secret’ is revealed in a book...

The book contains a proven but UNTOLD formula you can use…

… to start saving money without PAIN while you also spend money confidently on what you want!

That’s not all…

Here are other things you will find inside the book to further improve your financial life:

  • On page 3, you will DISCOVER the reason behind your inability to save money and how you can overcome it in the next chapter.

  • On page 13, you will see how I DEFEATED my money-saving problem after finding out it was the cause of my inability to save money.

  • On page 19 you will discover the NEW system I used to bury the problem completely, everyone using the system now loves it.

  • If you don’t have what to motivate you to save money, turn to page 24 of the book and you will be thrilled.

And lots, lots more…

That being said,

To help you end the money-saving problem and discover the easy, proven, but hidden methods you can use to save money effectively and still enjoy your life at the same time, I am...

Introducing My Best-Selling Book “Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint” which shows you how to save money easily and effectively even when you don’t want to save money

Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint

Here is what people are saying:

UMSB testimonial 3

Damilola A.

Fashion Designer

UMSB testimonial 3

Oluwafisayo Y.

Salary Earner

UMSB testimonial 4

Serah Ayomide


Now it’s your turn...

This blueprint will save you a lot of financial headaches.

It will help you become financial confident

Make you debt-free

Help you have savings

Help you retire early and have a nice life.

Here’s what Timileyin Promise has to say:

I personally found the book titled "The Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint" to be a book that every single one of us needs, even if most of us would hesitate to admit it at first.

The book is a combination of finance, personal development and self-help material packaged in one unconventional, yet easy-to-read and straightforward guide.

The book spans from taking you through the journey of peeling the self-awareness onion on what savings really is, and how you've been doing it in a painful way all along, up to some easy-to-follow actionable guide.

I found that carefully going through and applying the methods in the book made savings by far easier and way more fun, and at the same time, making life more fulfilling and purposeful.

I recommend this book for every person, even up to those surviving on the lowest paychecks or allowances, maybe even tips from their parent’s store.

I strongly recommend this book for budding entrepreneurs, business owners and people who are willing to see money as a tool for getting to the main goal.

Thank you Olawale for letting me be one of the first persons to go through this book. I really hope you try your best to get this book in the hands of as many committed persons as possible.

Timileyin Promise

Web Developer

The information in this book is more valuable than what you will get if you hire a financial advisor at around N74k or so.

Even with that...

This book is priced at N25k.

But it's not going to cost you anything near that amount today.

And to help you gain full control over your finance, I want to give you a special bonus if you act fast....


If you order this book today, you will also get a FREE copy of:

  • Why You Are Broke -- a book written by my mentor, Emmanuel Akpe, which shows 15 uncommon reasons why you may be broke and how to fix them. Value: N5,000.

  • Ultimate Guide To Quality Lead Generation -- a guide I wrote to show current and intending small business owners how to pull a large number of customers to their businesses and make massive sales so they can make more money, save more money and as well spend more money. Value: N2,500.

The total value of the “Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint” together with the bonuses is N32,500

But the price has been crashed to N7k

And even now, to help you save more money on it, you can grab your copy of the book now at only

Only N2,999

A price that can’t do GOtv MAX subscription.

Even if you subscribe to a cable TV, it will expire in one month

And it may not add any value to your life financially…

...because you are more likely to spend your time seeing entertainment programs (movies, football, music, etc…) on TV than seeing financial and educational programs.

But the information you will get from this book will shape your financial life forever.

And it will take you less than a day to read and understand this 54-page ebook.

This offer will only be available for a limited time,

In fact,

Our system will trigger price increament immediately AFTER March 31st

And the 1st person to order this book after that will pay either N3.5k, N5k or N7k as the case may be.

So grab your copy now so you won’t have to pay more for it later.

My 90-day Money Back Guarantee

To show the confidence I have in this book “Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint” and the trust i have in you that you will use your good judgement,  

I've decided to make this offer absolutely risk-free.

So if after 3 months days of getting this book, implementing the information in it and you didn’t get any results or you think it’s not worth the money you paid for it, you can ask for a refund between 90th and 100th day.

It's easy...

Just email [email protected] or whatsApp 08183944584 and explain how you’ve implemented the information and not get results and you will be refunded every penny you paid for the purcchase of this book.

So that’s an incredible bargain for you… you are not taking any risk. You can't lose.


If you don’t take this offer now, nothing will happen other than your finance may not take a new leap.

In fact,

If you don’t care about being financially confident, don’t get this book.


If you don’t know what to do from here,

Here are 3 options you can choose from:

  • Do nothing -- don’t get this book and don't bother to save money at your young age.

    That means you will have no savings!

    You may not have investments and you might be forced to work harder in your old age when you ought to be resting!

    Now to the second option…

  • Use the old methods -- keep using the old saving methods and keep putting yourself through pain to save money.

    Don't worry about discovering the untold blueprint you can use to save money effectively and spend money confidently.

    That means

    ...you will still have to go through PAIN to save money!

    ...you may NOT be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones confidently!

    ...you will always feel cheated whenever you spend money on what you want!

    And here is the third option,

  • Let me help you -- by helping you, I mean...

    Let me show you the proven blueprint you can use to save and enjoy your money at the same time…

    So you can…

    ...take care of yourself.

    ...take care of your parents.

    ...buy gifts or toys for your kids or younger ones.

    ...give yourself special treats anytime you feel like it.

    All without feeling insecure about your money…

Good tidings,

I’ve put the blueprint in my bestselling book, “Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint” and you can get a copy today.

So, If you are tired of working and not having enough confidence to spend your money on what makes you happy and you’d love to do something about it...

...then CLICK on the orange button below to get your risk-free copy of my book today!


Click the orange button above to order your copy now


Pay Via Bank Transfer

Note: Paying online is automated and lets you have access to your copy of the book and the bonuses immediately… automatically!


If you don’t like paying online, make a transfer of N2,999 to Ahmed Olawale 0168236111 Gtb

Send payment proof to 08183944584 on whatsApp to claim your copy and bonuses.

See you on inside.

P.S: Because I know you may be like me, who sometimes skips the entire letter and read the bottom line first,

Here’s what you missed:

I have a bestselling book on proven “Money-Saving Blueprint” which shows you how you can save money effectively EVEN when you don’t want to save money.

The methods in this book are different from conventional methods which make you go through hell while trying to save money.

This book reveals the untold methods you can use to save money effectively and also spend money confidently on what you want at the same time…

Fast Action Bonus:

i. FREE… Why You Are Broke (Value: N5000)

ii. FREE… Ultimate Beginners’ Guide To Quality Lead Generation (Value: N2500)

Even though this book is valued at N25,000.

The book and bonuses value N32,500

I’ve slashed the price of the book to N7000

But I’ve decided to leave it for N2,999 only until march 31st.

An amount that can’t do GOtv MAX subscription that may not add any significant value to your finance… unless you want to be spending hours watching financial programs that won’t even teach you this money-saving blueprint.

And I've also decided to give you the fast action bonus I listed above if you act now.

So, if you’d like to end all your savings worries NOW and gain a full control over your money…

...then CLICK the link below to grab your copy of the “Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint” with the bonuses now!

Click Here To Order Your Copy Now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Who is the book for?

A: This book is for anyone who wants to make the most of their income and improve their money-saving ability to help them multiply their money by easily and effectively saving for investment and other important goals. It also reveals how they can spend money on what they love while saving.

Q: My income is low, will it work for me?

A: The short answer is “YES” and the not too long answer is, “this blueprint will make it easy for you to save effectively regardless of the size of your income.

Q: I don’t know what I will be saving for, why should I still get this book?

A: This is a time waster and this book will give you a headsup on what to do.

Q: Is this only for older folks?

A: No. in fact, this information is more useful for youths than it is for older folks.

Older folks are probably in one corner biting their fingers WISHING they could go back in time and be presented with this kind of solution you are getting now so they could have a better future than they are having now… But guess what? It’s LATE.

So here is your only chance to protect what you have now to help you shape your future the way you want it.

Q: I’m busy, I don’t have much time to read, what can I do?

A: This is a non-voluminous book (it's a 54-page book) compared to other financial books, it will take less than a day to read and understand the whole book. And if you are talking about the blueprint, it also doesn’t take time. The only time you will spend is reading this book to discover the right methods for you and that takes less than one day.

Q: How am I sure it works?

A: This blueprint has been TESTED and proven to work for anyone who implements it accordingly, it has also undergone an additional 3 months test at the time of writing this book.

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