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Hi Skilled Video Editor,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on getting the 'create product video ads to sell' course...

But your order is not complete yet. You've made a great decision by purchasing the physical product video ads creation course.

You bought the course because you want to create attractive product video ads to increase your visibility and product sales.

And I guarantee that's exactly what you will learn from the course.

The product video ads course will teach you the A to Z of how to create video ads for physical products and skyrocket your product sales.

But now,

How would you like to be able to create ANY type of video... and skyrocket your "entire business" or generate income by working with clients?

By the way,

This offer is not for everyone. It's a special offer for you because you just purchased the Product Video Ads Creation course.

That shows you're an action taker. And it shows how much you care about your income.

So, I'm going to give you a special, one-time offer that you can only take right now.

What I'll show you in a few minutes will help you master how to skillfully create any type of video to skyrocket a business.

Here is the gist,

We have another course by the same coach called Smartphone Video Creation for Entrepreneurs Class (SVCE).

To save your time, we can't go over all the benefits of the course.

But one of the video editing skills you'll learn from this course will help you skyrocket any business fast... and generate steady income for you easily.

What is that skill and how can it help you?

This course will teach you how to create and edit PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS to promote brands, companies' sales, events, etc.

For context,

This is different from product video ads. I'll explain…

While product video ads will help you skyrocket your product sales, promotional videos will help you skyrocket an entire business.

Even more,

It's a high-demand skill by companies or individuals who hold events.

It gears toward promoting the whole brand, necessary events, sales, etc.

Below are examples of promotional videos...

Amazing, right?

This course will teach you how to create promotional videos like the ones above. The course will also show you;

  • Best websites to get Promotional Video Ideas.

  • How to source video elements to be used for your Promotional videos.

And that's just ONE of the things you'll learn from the Smartphone Video Creation for Entrepreneurs Class.

Imagine what your life will be like when you have diverse video editing skills that help you grow your business fast and make other brands want to pay for your services.

Would that make a big difference in your life right now?

If yes and you'd like to possess these valuable skills and grow your income easily...

Then click the orange button below to add "Smartphone Video Creation for Entrepreneurs Class" to your order now.

I guarantee that you will find this course valuable or you get your money back.


If You Grab This Offer Now, You'll Also Get These Valuable Bonuses;

  • How to create Live Action Commercial Video (worth  5,000) for free.

  • Psychology of creating & editing videos (worth  7,000) for free.

  • How to create a 3D Animated Style Video (worth  5,000) for free.

  • How to create Intro And Outro Videos (worth  7,000) for free.

  • Smartphone/Laptop Walkthrough Videos Creation (worth  ₦7,000) for free.

  • How to create Whiteboard Animation (worth ₦5,000) for free.

  • How to create How To Edit Youtube Videos (worth 8,000) for free.

  • How to create a Business Of Video Creation And Editing (how to position Yourself to attract paying clients... worth 15,5000) for free... etc

Total Price of the bonuses listed here alone is ₦59,000

The class fee is ₦20,000 + ₦59,000 = ₦79,000

But you know what?

This Smartphone Video Creation for Entrepreneurs Class is available off our website for N10,000. But right now, you have this only one opportunity to get it for only N3,000.

This is a one-time offer and it's only available right here and right now. You risk the chance of losing it forever if you leave this page.

Don't miss the chance to master professional video editing skills that will help you grow your business fast.. and generate income for you by working with other brands.

Click the button below now to get the Smartphone Video Creation for Entrepreneurs Class.


You don't have to take my word for it...

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