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How you can create various types of videos using your VCD and your smartphone to skyrocket and make your business popular

By Ahmed Olawale

Dear Entrepreneur and soon-to-be professional Video Creator & Editor,

This is your call to skyrocket your business and make it popular by using something called VCD and your smartphone.

What do I mean?

If you pay rapt attention to this article from start to end, then I’ll show you what this is about. I will also show you how you can tap into it and skyrocket your business easily.

If you follow my advice in this article and take action, you will certainly:

  • Make your business shockingly popular and gain authority in your industry

  • Keep your customers actively engaged with your business

  • Be able to create various types of explosive videos for your business… and/or other people’s businesses and get paid for your service

  • Be able to create and edit stunning videos on your smartphone like a pro

  • Be able to create massive awareness for your events, campaigns, etc.

  • Be able to rake in sales and skyrocket your business revenue

  • Be truly proud of your video creation and editing creativity

  • Confidently create videos from your imagination

  • Be able to create videos everyone wants to watch and share

You will achieve all this by building your VCD and mastering professional smartphone video creation and editing skills.

Imagine you are able to create videos like these:

Live Promotional video

3D Animation video

These types of videos will indeed play essential roles in making your business popular. Right?

Now, stop imagining and answer these questions for real.

Would you be happy if you could make such videos and even better ones?

Would the ability to create stunning videos change your business forever?

Would making your business popular and generating constant sales help solve your income problems?

Would your life become different if you become a professional video creator and editor everyone wishes to be like?

Great! You too can master these skills and give a testimony like;


SVC4E Testimonial03


SVC4E Testimonial02

Chukwudi Edochie

SVC4E Testimonial

Another thing,

It doesn’t even matter whether you have zero knowledge about video creation and editing or not…

All that matters is your willingness to want to grow your business, build your VCD, and use your smartphone to bring your great ideas to life.

Picture this scenario;

Imagine you want to run a campaign for a business…

Within a few seconds, you already know what type of video to use. It could be a promotional video, product video ad, live video etc

And in a few minutes, you come up with beautiful video ideas from your brain. (That’s your creativity juice flowing from what we call “your VCD”.)

You’ve mastered the dirty tricks of creating stunning videos. So, you cleverly organize the video layout, content, style, etc.

And then, you pick up your smartphone (Android or iPhone). You open Kinemaster (the video editing software you will master how to use efficiently).

You have everything raw but ready.

So with your smartphone, the software, and your VCD… you create a stunning video that is easy on the eyes. The video communicates your brand message easily and effectively.

You then launch the video and people start feasting on it. It has great watch-time and people are even sharing it.

And above all,

The viewers are taking the right action. You are hitting your goal with the video. The business is becoming famous and it’s attracting the right people.

But that’s not all!

As the video helps the business gain exposure and become popular, you as the creator also follow suit. And you start making money by creating exceptional videos for people.

This is so fascinating! And you can help make your business popular like that.

Would you like to be in possession of such profitable skills?

I bet you can do it and be proud of your creativity… and also be happy about your business growth.


There are two reasons you can’t create stunning videos yet

Number one, you believe you don’t have the creativity you need to create attractive videos. Number two, you also believe you can’t do it using a smartphone.

But here is the plain truth…

If you build your Video Creativity Dump (or VCD) by mastering the in-and-out of smartphone video creation… you will always feel your creativity juice flowing… and you can create various videos for the right purposes using your smartphone.

The reason you never thought of this is because people downplay the power of smartphones a lot. They almost don’t talk about amazing things created with smartphones.

But I bet…

The videos you will create with your smartphone after building your VCD will be the hot gist among your friends… and will help make your business popular.

By the way...

Acquire these video creation and editing skills now without emptying your wallet

Now is the best time for you to acquire these video creation and editing skills without emptying your wallet because…

The professional that will teach you is currently helping people master the skills for almost nothing.

And he even promises to pay anyone who doesn’t get results after taking his class.

But as you may have guessed, this won’t last a lifetime. You may come back to this page later and not meet this deal again.

This coach has what it takes to help you gain complete mastery in smartphone video creation… if you take the necessary action.

Who is the coach? You ask.

Meet Your Mentor

Sodiq Ololade

Sodiq Ololade

Lawal Ololade Sodiq is a Video ads creator and a Brand strategist

He's the founder of L.S.O Visuals (A Visual brand that helps businesses communicate their message effectively to their audience through professional Video ads to enhance their recognition and generate more sales).

Also, he is a smartphone productivity coach. He teaches about Video ads creation, branding, and digital skill acquisition.

He has created videos for a lot of brands, products, and events.

He has worked with Senatorch Limited

He has worked with Smartmarkets Store

He has also worked with Aw KUNGSBRON (a swedish company)

See what an Aussie he created a video for their business says on Fiverr:

A review from Australia

The Mastereto team put in a lot of efforts to find a coach with his quality

And you can also see he’s truly qualified to help you master the video editing skills, right?

Good... Sodiq Ololade is the creator of the smartphone video creation course I've been talking about.

I've said a lot about this course and I know you can't wait for me to unveil it.

So without further ado, I'm introducing…

Smartphone Video Creation Course for Entrepreneurs

This is a super-hot smartphone video creation and editing course by Sodiq Ololade.

This class helps you build your Video Creativity Dump (VCD) by mastering how to create various types of videos with your smartphone. And this helps make your business popular.

With this class, you will;

  • Become a professional smartphone video creator and editor

  • Be able to increase your brand awareness so it can become popular

  • Gain market exposure and authority in your field so everyone respects you

  • Increase your brand visibility so your sales can grow

  • Get exposure as a professional video editor and be proud of your creativity

  • Develop the skill easily with well-organized learning materials

  • Be able to get people to talk about your business and become even more popular

  • Improve customers retention, watch-time, and video-share ability

  • Sell effectively with unique marketing strategies

  • Get exclusive test to ensure mastery

  • Get Certification upon mastery confirmation

There are more benefits from where these come from.

If you are wondering how you can achieve all this just with a course, then…

See What You'll Master From This Course:

Promotional Video Creation

This is to promote brands, companies sales and events. I would show you;

  • Best websites to get Promotional Videos Ideas

  • How to source for video elements to be used for your Promotional videos

  • A promotional video for Brand Conference

    Intro and Outro Videos Creation

    This type of video will help you increase your brand familiarity with your audience. You would discover:

  • Website to get the best intro video template

  • How to create a cinematic intro

  • An intro/outro animation for Tunespreneur

    Product Video Ad Creation

    You'll use this to promote and sell physical products to your audience in less time.

    Jumia, Konga, and other big brands use product videos to sell their products effectively.

    You would get exposed to how to create this and promote your business products. You can also create these videos for brands and generate income for yourself.

    A product video ad

    Live-Action Commercial Video Creation

    I would show you:

  • How to get no copyright live-action stock footages

  • How to edit your live action-videos to suit your video script

  • A live-action promotional video for CMG

    3D Animated Style Video

    You will discover:

  • Best websites to get 3d elements (images and icons)

  • How to animate effectively to create captivating videos on kinemaster

  • 3d elements resources

  • A 3D animated video  for SM

    Whiteboard Animation

    This is to entertain, educate, and generate massive sales for products and services. I would show you:

  • Websites to get SVG and Png images from

  • How to edit and create outstanding whiteboard animation videos

  • Whiteboard animation promotional video for Ijimall

    Walkthrough Videos

    These types of videos allow customers understand and navigate through websites or App you are promoting.

    This is not limited to smartphone walkthrough videos, you can also create walkthrough videos for software in laptops.

    Sodiq has cracked the code of creating this with smartphone and he's willing to show you the exact approach. He would show you:

  • How to get access cool Smartphones and laptop mockups

  • How to edit and animate mockup to suit any website or mobile app you are promoting

  • Walkthrough video for Dotman

    That's not all...

    You will also learn the following;

    Video Editing

    Creating videos is not enough. The ability to edit your videos allows you to convey your messages effectively to your audience. You will discover:

    • How to apply appropriate sounds, musics, effects, texts and voice overs to your videos

    • Speed ramping

    • Color grading

    • How to edit Clip A+B videos

    • How to customize your videos in a mockup format for presentational use.

    Business of Video Creation and Editing

    To be able to run this business and make money from it, I will show you:


    • How to position Yourself to attract paying clients.

    Psychology of Creating/Editing Videos

    The first factors that allows you create videos that sell is when you understand the psychology of creating videos.

    Some folks who create/edit videos ignore this. And they end up creating boring and non converting videos. Such would not be your case when you join SVC4E.

    Basic Visual Principles

    You will understand the following:

    • Psychology of colors

    • Typography principles

    • Layout Principles

    Mastering these skills will build a “Video Creativity Dump (VCD)” in your brain. This will always make it easier for you to come up with great video ideas… and create videos as you imagine them.

    So, you can use your skills to create videos that will help promote any business and make it popular.

    What next from here?

    After signing up for this class, you’ll get access to the coach… and he will add you to the closed WhatsApp group where the class will hold.


    You will get access to the course materials. You will also get exclusive right to a live support group so you can easily get support when you need it.

    The software you’ll use is called Kinemaster… and you will do everything on your smartphone.

    Are you still wondering if this class will deliver on its promises?

    See What Other Real Humans Like You Are Saying

    SVC4E Testimonial1
    SVC4E Testimonial2
    SVC4E Testimonial3
    Rita Okonkwo

    "If you are considering taking a video creation course, run to Sodiq Ololade, you will be happy you do.

    Rita Okonkwo

    Miami, Florida

    "I have attended 2 smartphone video creation courses before but Sodiq Ololade is the best tutor. He doesn't get tired of attending to my plenty questions.


    Miami, Florida

    "To be honest, Sodiq's class met more than my expectations. At a point, I wanted to ask if he's sure he is not over teaching us.


    Miami, Florida

    And this is just a fraction of the feedback gotten from the SVCE community.

    I know you also can’t wait to get in, master the skills, and send in your feedback. But you may be wondering what this class really costs.

    Let me tell you.

    As you can also tell from the value communicated so far, this course is worth over N100k. But it’s currently tagged N20k only.

    It is a steal if you can truly master all these skills for this little price, right?

    But before going further about this price thingy, here are other bonuses for you. I’m honestly showing you this so you can see how valuable this course is.

    You will also get these amazing bonuses if you sign up today

    • Lessons on how to edit YouTube videos (Value: N10k but you will get it for Free)

    • Lessons on how to create Podcasts (Value: N5k but you'll get it for FREE)

    • 5 untapped ways to sell with live videos (Value: N10k but it's yours for FREE)

    • Lessons on how to generate voice overs (Value: N3k but take it for FREE)

    • How to get premium video creation resources (Value: N15k but take it for FREE)

    • Proven ways to scale your awareness (worth N7k but take it for FREE)

    • Branding and sales eBooks (worth N10k but take it for FREE)

    Total N60k

    Total tagged price + bonuses = N80k

    But you will only be paying N5k if you sign up today.

    This is like paying just N278 to master each of the skills you are about to master… a price that can’t buy 2GB of mobile data (any network for that matter).

    However, that is not all!

    We also want to take the risk off your investment so you have absolutely nothing to risk by taking this course. So…

    Try This Class With Our Nothing-to-Lose 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

    You can get this course and try it for 30 days.

    If after studying and truly practising the lessons for 30 days, you feel the course is a thrash.

    We'll refund you every penny paid and we'll apologize for wasting your time.

    Just email [email protected] or chat 08183944584 and your money will be refunded with an apology for wasting your time.

    Money-back guarantee

    Try This Course With Our Nothing-to-Lose 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

    This means, if you are unsatisfied after 60 days of taking this class, ask for a refund and you’ll be refunded every penny you spent in purchasing the class. Just email [email protected] or chat 2348183944584 on WhatsApp to request a refund.

    Ahmed Olawale O.


    What else? Nothing… I see no reason why you should let this offer elude you now.

    To get started, just register for the course and you are in.

    If you'd like to take advantage of this offer and start creating excellent product videos, then click the orange button below to sign up now.


    You have nothing to lose if you don’t sign up for this class. The fact is just that you will not master how to create various types of videos for the right purposes using your smartphone and Video Creativity Dump (VCD) to make your business popular.

    But if you don’t want to lose the cutting-edge opportunity to master these vital skills… then click the button below to Sign Up for this class now..

    P.S. Video Creativity Dump (VCD) is the ability to generate video ideas from your brain and create various types of videos with your smartphone the way you imagine them.

    This skill will help you make your business popular and relevant.

    The sweetest part is you can master this skill through a course named, SVC4E. The course costs N20k but you can pay only N5k today.

    With that said,

    Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity to become a video creation and editing pro?

    Then click the orange button below to register for the course now.

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