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Marketing Champ

A once-in-a-lifetime offer shows you:

How to Become a Marketing Champ who Can Singly Grow a Business with a Little Budget

With this, you will need a little external help to run a business.

Dear Entrepreneur,

You can now get empowered with Mastereto's anniversary marketing bundle.

And become a marketing champ who can singly grow a business to your desired level.

Let me explain…

Typically, you'll have to spend a lot of money while trying to grow a business.

The reason for the spending most times is due to the lack of necessary marketing skills. Hence, the need for outsourcing.

For example,

If you want to run an advert, you have to pay a graphic designer, a video editor, a copywriter, etc.

This will cost you a lot of bucks. Or force you to abandon the campaign because you can't afford the expenses.

But if you can do most of these things yourself, you'll be saving a lot of money. And also get to do your marketing the way it will mostly work.

Additionally, you can also get paid for your skills by rendering them as services.

That's why we created our anniversary bundle to equip you with the right skills you need to grow your business yourself…

And cut down your expenses while you get maximum results from your campaigns.

With this bundle, you can: 

  • Singly grow your business with little or no external help and cut down your marketing budget

  • Supervise the professionals you hire to get you good results since you know what you want

  • Make designs that sell with your smartphone and boost your business sales

  • Create and edit various types of videos on your smartphone to make your business popular

  • Get paid by clients to help them grow a business or oversee marketing creative projects

  • Sell effectively with authority and authenticity without lies or guilt

  • Do effective marketing research to help you start a business with the right marketing foundation

  • Skyrocket your business visibility and grow your sales

  • Create irresistible offers that help you hit your sales goals easily

And lots more.

These are vital skills you need to grow any business and become a champ (or celeb) in your industry.

This bundle consists of five (5) separate courses done by four supportive mentors.

Now, let me ask you:

Would you like to be known for your ability to easily take a business from 0-sales a month to steady sales?

Would you like to be able to grow your business to the level where you can make a steady income from it?

How would you feel if you know exactly what to do to revive your business when it's struggling…

And you can do what's needed yourself?

Let me tell you something,

The reason you've not been able to grow a business is simple.

It's because you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to professionals when you want to run a marketing campaign.

And you don't have big budgets since you're not making enough sales yet.

To worsen the matter, you don’t have enough influence to control the market.

So you are left to yourself… all confused.

You might have even thought of mastering the necessary skills you need so you can help yourself.

But that also costs a lot of money… and there's always confusion about what skills to learn.

But with this special bundle,

We are bringing together 5 different courses that will teach you 5 necessary marketing skills you need for effective marketing.

Your mentors are experts in their fields and their courses' materials are easy to understand…

Plus they proffer adequate support for their students when necessary.

But who are they?

Meet your mentors;

Naheem Uthman

Naheem Uthman

Smartphone Profitability Coach

Naheem Uthman is a creative designer and a smartphone profitability coach who turned his phone addiction into a profitable business.

He is the founder of SMB Global; an online platform that teaches financial liberation through smartphones. 

He has trained thousands of Africans on how to turn their phone into media tools and money-making machines.

He's passionate about youth development, financial liberation, and community service.

He's fondly called the Minister of Smartphone Monetization.

Sodiq Ololade

Sodiq Ololade

Video Ads Expert

Sodiq Ololade is a video ads expert and a brand strategist.

He's the founder of L.S.O Visuals (a visual brand that helps businesses communicate their messages effectively to their audience through professional video ads to enhance their recognition and generate more sales.)

He's also a smartphone productivity coach. He teaches about video ads creation, branding, and digital skill acquisition.

He has created videos for a lot of brands, products, and events. The brands he has worked with are Senatorch Limited, Smartmarkets Store, Aw KUNGSBRON (a Swedish company), etc.

Ahmed Olawale picture

Ahmed Olawale

Growth Ambassador

Ahmed Olawale Ogunrinde is a Heavy Equipment Contractor by day and a Serial Digital Entrepreneur by night.

He's Growth and Personal Development Enthusiast and so he's called "the Growth Ambassador."

He's the founder of Mastereto™, the platform that recommends proven online courses that guarantee real-world results to help people who want to master digital skills without wasting money and time on the wrong courses.

Chijioke Otikpa

Chijioke Otikpa

Digital Learning Expert

Chijioke Otikpa is a 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵, a Certified Life Story Coach, Public Speaker and as well as a Growth Mentor to many.

Chijioke PKA Coach CJ is a known name whose creative prowess is anchored at helping you kick away limiting beliefs and reposition yourself to lay hold of optimal clarity, visibility, and impact for real success in this heavily distracted world.

He has organized several free and paid training programs.

He has been hosted as a guest speaker in multiple local and global events to share his knowledge across diverse fields.

These mentors are coming together to crown you the marketing champ with their remarkable courses and books.

Interestingly, their teachings are not complicated.

They teach what they use always in their marketing activities.The lessons are simple and highly effective.

With that said, I am introducing our…


This is a 5-course (3 courses + 2 books) offer.

It teaches you the necessary simple skills to become a marketing champ who can singly grow a business to your desired level.

These Are The Courses You Will Get From This Bundle


Price: N20,000 N5,000

Canva For Entrepreneurs

Mentor: Naheem Uthman

Forget everything you've learned about Canva and focus on this.

This is a course specially made to teach you how to make stunning designs with your smartphone...

Without ever having to touch any complicated design tools.

Canva for Entrepreneurs (aka C4E) is a digital course on...

Mastering the art of making designs that sell with your smartphone (using the Canva mobile app)...

And also discovering the reliable marketing strategies you can use to sell anything anywhere in the world.

You can then use your skills to work with paying clients or boost your own business sales.

This course is designed to take you from the beginner level to the expert.

People who have taken this course testified that it's the only Canva course you'll ever need to become a professional Canva graphic designer.

See what you'll learn from C4E

  • The 3 business Canva models that could easily make you a millionaire if you put in the work

  • How to brand yourself to attract your target audience

  • What it takes to be creative and make jaw-dropping designs as Naheem Uthman does

  • The basic design principles that will set you apart from thousands of other smartphone graphic designers

  • You will also discover how to transform your business, dominate your market, sell like crazy, and cut the design budget with Canva designs.

  • This course is pegged at N20,000 but is currently sold for N5,000.

  • SVC4E Flyer

    Price: N20,000 N7,500

    Smartphone Video Creation Course For Entrepreneurs

    Mentor: Sodiq Ololade

    This is a super-hot smartphone video creation and editing course by Sodiq Ololade.

    This course will teach you how to create various types of videos to skyrocket and make your business popular.

    No, you don't need a PC, you'll master how to create and edit attractive videos with your smartphone.

    In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to create promotional videos for any business

  • How to create intro and outro videos to help you increase your familiarity with your audience

  • Live-Action commercial videos to make your audience identify with your brand

  • How to create 3D animated videos to showcase your message to people easily

  • Whiteboard animation video creation to easily entertain and educate people so they can stay glued to your brand

  • Walkthrough video creation to easily show your audience how to use your products… and make them feel ready to buy from you or give them a good experience

  • You'll also gain in-depth knowledge about video editing. You will discover how to add appropriate sounds, music, effects, voiceovers, speed ramping, etc, to your videos.

  • This course is currently sold at N20,000 N7,500.

  • SWAA Cover

    Price: N20,000 N7,500

    Sell With Authority and Authenticity

    Mentor: Chijioke Otikpa

    This is a book on how to sell effectively without using manipulation.

    This book will show you how to sell confidently without telling lies or feeling guilty.

    With this book, you will:

  • Overcome the fear of selling

  • Quit begging people to buy from you and start selling like a pro

  • Master Strategic Positioning! How to 'hypnotize' people into seeing you as a WORTHY EXPERT and ethically force them to choose you over your millions of competitors

  • Master the art of Beta Testing! This is one secret even Bill Gates still uses to increase his wealth. Find out what it is and how you too can use the power of beta testing to boost your sales

  • Start selling with authenticity! You'll learn through this book how to boost your sales with the TRUTH

  • This book is pegged at N5,000 but is currently sold at N2,000.

  • Marketing Foundation flyer

    Price: N5,000 N3,500

    The Marketing Foundation Guide

    Author: Ahmed Olawale

    This is a guide on how to do simple, yet effective market research before starting a business or selling a product as a beginner.

    You will discover different proven strategies Ahmed Olawale has been using when starting a business, creating a product, or running a marketing campaign.

    You will discover:

  • The tested and proven ways of doing market research before starting a business

  • What you should do before buying a product to sell

  • How to validate your business/product

  • Don't focus on the business, discover what you should focus on instead.

  • This is priced at N5,500 but currently N3,000.

  • CSF

    Price: N10,000 N1,000

    Canva Sales Funnel and Automation Course

    Mentor: Naheem Uthman

    Discover how to generate quality WhatsApp leads. Promote your digital products with one-page canva websites. And automate your sales and WhatsApp chats.

    In this course, you will discover:

  • 8 ways to generate quality WhatsApp leads.

  • Choosing the right attractive lead magnet

  • Setting up an automated system to collect prospects' details

  • How to save 100s and 1000s of contacts at a go

  • How to set up a 3-page sales funnel using Canva-made one-page websites to sell your digital products

  • How to set up an effective autoresponder that closes sales in your absence

  • How to create Irresistible Offers for your digital products

  • And more.

    This is priced at N10,000 but we're giving you for only N1,000.

  • The normal price of all the courses together is N60,500

    The current promo price is N18,500.

    But wait!


    If You Get This Bundle Today, You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses:

    Product Video Ads Creation course N6,000

    This is a course on how to create product videos to skyrocket your physical product sales

    4 Product video ads templates N10,000

    You will get 4 Product video ads templates you can easily edit for your brand

    Accountability groups Value: Incalculable

    You get accountability groups with these coaches; Naheem Uthman, Chijioke Otikpa, and Sodiq Ololade (you're basically stealing this)

    Special access N50,000

    Special access to Ahmed Olawale for 3 months

    Ultimate Lead Generation Guide for Beginner N5,000

    This is a guide on how to generate massive leads for business so you can increase your customer base

    16 Premium Canva Training Videos N5,500

    You will get 16 Premium Canva Training Videos

    A golden Live Session N10,000

    Naheem Uthman's Live Session on how he made N500,000+ in 72 hours on WhatsApp

    Total = N86,500

    The total price of all the courses and the bonuses is N146,500 N105,000.

    But you won't pay anything near that amount today because it's our first anniversary since we founded Mastereto™. And we want to celebrate it with you in a grand style.

    So in this anniversary bundle, you'll get everything for only N9,470.

    This is like picking the mentors' brains for just a token of less than N10k... a price that can't buy one decent pant and a top. This is, indeed, a great bargain.

    If you would like to take advantage of this bargain,

    Then use the button below to claim our special anniversary offer now.


    Try This Bundle With Our 150-day Money-back Guarantee

    When you get this bundle, you get 150 days to go through the courses and try them out. If after trying them for 150 days, you don't find the bundle valuable, you can ask for a complete refund and still keep the bundle with you.

    To get a refund, just send a WhatsApp message to +2348183944584.

    We are doing this because we know you'll find this bundle greatly valuable. And even feel like paying us X3 the amount you're paying now.

    P.S. Our Special Anniversary Marketing Bundle offer consists of five in-depth courses on graphic design, video creation and editing, authority and authenticity selling, simple canva landing page creation, and effective marketing foundation.

    Mastering these skills and being known for them will make you a marketing champ (or celebrity) who can singlehandedly grow any business or need only a little to no external help.

    The courses you'll get from this bundle are:

    Canva for Entrepreneurs, Smartphone Video Creation Courses for Entrepreneurs, How to Sell with Authority and Authenticity, Canva Sales Funnel and Automation Course, and The Marketing Foundation.

    These courses are worth N60,500

    And you'll also get access to bonuses worth N86,500

    But you can get everything for only N105,000 N9,470 before the 31st of October, 2022.

    After October 31st, this bundle will be dissolved and each course will be sold separately as usual at higher prices.

    Click the Orange button below to get this bundle at the current offer now.

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