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Lend me just 10 minutes and I will show you…

How To Make Crazy Money Through E-commerce With Little Or No Capital Without Stepping Your Feet Outside Your Room...

...in this complete revelation about the best kept secrets of an e-commerce business you ought to know about

Dear Friend,

Do you know there is a business you can do online and:

1.    Make crazy money that you never thought was possible?

2.    Not step your feet outside your room?

3.    Not have to worry about big capital?

4.    Give attention any time that is convenient for you without penalty?

5.    Buy anything without worrying about going broke?

6.    Lets you have all the profits for yourself?

This is 100% true!

And if you want a HIGH-INCOME business that prevents you from begging and getting broke

and you want to DISCOVER how it's done...

...then I urge you to put aside anything that might distract you and concentrate on this letter and read it till the end because in it you will discover how to constantly make money from the ECOM business even as a NEWBIE.

Although this business has been around for years and you have already heard about it,

but a lot of people are still doing it wrong while some people don’t even know about it... or... how LUCRATIVE it is.

That’s because people who know all the strategies about running the business profitably don’t share the complete information with other people,

not even their best students.

Because of this,

only a few people know what there is to know about Mini Importation

and a lot of people take an L (loss) in the business.

I’ll explain…

What I'm talking about has made most people who tried to venture into the business run away after their 2nd importation

while some only imported just once.

Some people even learned the process but they never imported a pin from China because the process is complex,

or they don’t know the right strategy,

or for whatever reason.

If some people manage to sell their goods and try to calculate their profits,

they always end up asking themselves, "so why did I go through all the stress I went through just because of this?"

The reason for that question is because they barely make profits or they realize they are operating at a LOSS.

I know how that feels because I have also been there.


Who am I?

My name is Ahmed Ogunrinde Olawale (Lomobest),

I’ve been in the online business space for more than 4 years and I can say the journey was both rough and smooth.

One of the toughest stories was when I did not know my way around profitable Mini Importation business,

I thought it was just about seeing a fine product’s picture, go to 1688.com, and just copy the link to place order, and had the magic happen.


Magic didn't happen because I didn't know the right strategy.

I didn’t even know how much the shipping companies would charge me as I knew little to nothing about weights and costing.

This usually threaten my profit… that is, if it didn’t put me in debt.

I also had to worry about the quality of the products I was buying.

And it did happen that some of those items were NOT of good quality and I wouldn’t be able to sell them…

...more losses, more worries.

Back then, i was always worried about everything.

Let me explain that!

When searching for a product… I’d be worried.

Placing an order… I’d be worried.

Expecting my goods… I’d be worried.

Getting the goods… I’d be worried.

And above all,

to sell the goddam goods… I would still be worried and frustrated.

It was a BAD experience...

...an experience which had caused many people more harm than good

- it made them lose money and eventually give up.

And the experience got me into debt.

But, if you are going through the same experience…

...or... you are scared to venture into Mini Importation because of these challenges... wait!

Don’t worry!

Instead of seeing the cup as half-empty, see it as half-full…

Because, here is the good part…

Ever since I found my way around this business

and I’ve been able to source for quality, cheap products, do simple product/market research and CUT COSTS CRAZILY on my orders,

I’ve been on another level. (This is after I've bought a lot of courses and done several trying and testing.)

And if you'd love to pull crazy results from your mini importation business...

Here is the GOOD NEWS!!!

I've upgraded my "Mini Importation course" to meet the current market conditions....

BECAUSE there is a constant change in the industry and I felt the urge to increase the value

to help my old and NEW students run this business easily and profitably

Imagine being able to run a profitable mini importation business online and command constant income with EASE 

even if you have little to no capital and without you having the basic experience about online and/or mini importation business.

Is 5-6 figures per month good for starters?

If you think yes as i do,

Will you get my "Classified Mini Importation Course" today?

Yass, show me

Imagine having SUREFIRE strategies you can use to keep your business running smoothly

...and PROFITABLY right from your room.

With the strategies you will discover from the course,

you will have customers waiting to buy your products;

they will force you to stock and restock when you are out of stock.

With a smartphone, internet connection, WhatsApp, and Chrome Browser,

you are sure on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

And if you want to be running paid adverts on Facebook/Instagram,

you can direct your potential customers to your WhatsApp inbox and close the deal there...

It doesn't have to be complicated.


You may think you already know about mini importation and you don't need this training.

Hell yeah…

ATTENTION: You don’t need this training if:

1.    You are already making six figures in your mini importation business.

That means you are absolutely doing nothing wrong.

2.    You DON'T waste money on the wrong products anymore.

3.    You sell out your products at the speed of light.

4.    You already have an idea of what you can sell and make LOUD money from.

5.    You do your calculations right, price your product right, which in turn gives you great PROFIT margins.

6.    You know how to use customers' money to buy products and make MASSIVE profits.

7.    You have the upgraded knowledge of mini importation to be able to thrive in this ever-changing industry.

You see, if you lack ANY of the above results/strategies,

then you need this course more than you need your next meal because...

you will discover even more strategies aside from the ones listed above to start making your 5-6 figures from the business in no time.

The way I run the business has made many people reach out to me either pleading with me to conduct training on mini importation

or ask when I'll be doing preorder so they can participate.

And talking about preorder,

They know they are going to pay even before I import their items,

still, they insist I take their money or they get mad at me.

And one more thing, I run my mini importation business lowkey and as a side hustle and I still get good results.

What if you have access to my strategies

and you treat the business as your main hustle?

Doesn’t that mean you will get even greater results?

Let me gist you...

I suspended my mini importation business when I was researching a book I wrote (Ultimate Money-Saving Blueprint) and during that little period,

I turned down many requests to join my mini importation class and my preorder deal.

The screenshot above was one of the requests.

See these, too…

When your prospects are on your neck to serve them,

IMAGINE what your existing customers will do when you start having them...

They will be all over you to keep serving them.

That's what my strategies can do!

The fact that many people are interested in my mini importation training is one of the reasons I made this course

and this is better and BIGGER than the ones I've done in the past because I've updated the course to meet the current market conditions.

But after reaching my target of 100 people, I will suspend the course.


… because this is a mentorship training and I don’t have the strength to mentor more than 100 people at the moment.

So if you have been wanting something that will fetch you consistent money online,

here comes a solution…

I'm introducing


which REVEALS all there is to know about mini importation from China to make money consistently under your roof

This is an already made course you will get access to instantly and study at your pace.

Here is what you'll discover from the course:

  • How to source for quality and yet affordable products so you will have the confidence to sell without losing customers because of inferior products

  • How to know if the product you want to buy is available and how to choose colors, sizes, and other specs

  • How to find out if the product you want to order is what's already in demand so you DON'T waste time and money on a shitty product

  • How to order using an agent so there won't be mix ups

  • You will get my genuine agents' contacts. These agents are very fast and efficient

  • How to order using womata

  • How to brand an item (putting your company's name and logo on a product) so that you can build your credibilty and have an unfair advantage over your competitors

  • How to order directly from suppliers

  • You'll get access to over 30 genuine suppliers' contacts

  • How to arrange your order before sending it to an agent

  •  How to buy products with customers' money. I'll show you how I do it and MAKE CRAZY PROFIT from it

  • I'll give you an idea of what type of products you can start with if you have no idea

  • How to calculate your products and price it right to stay considerate and still get the profit you want

  • NOTE: These agents you will get their contacts are very fast in delivery and you will be chatting with them on WhatsApp and get things done there.

    See what others are saying about my training...

    Olawale's mini importing training exposed me to the world of importation that requires little or no capital. After learning how to buy goods from abroad at very affordable prices, he went ahead to teach us how presell the goods and use customers money to buy and import the goods. If you need a sincere person that would go out of his way to make sure you understand and are able to implement what you've learnt, then Olawale is the right person for you.

    Charles Onyeukwu

    The mini importation class is very clear and understandable. There wasn't the use of much vocabulary plus the fact that he gave room for questions and answers assurance, full time support, and guides as regard the class was given to us as well and that gives me rest of mind that I an always call on him in case of any difficulty or challenge. With everything that was said in the class and the little research I've done based on that, I'm sure mini importation will favor me and give me an edge by the time I eventually venture into it. Above all I'm glad I attended the class.

    Toyosi Abatan

    His training was nice and it's actually a life changing opportunity. An opportunity to be your own self boss and be earning cool cash, it was nice learning that. Exposure to the agents is a good thing.


    The knowledge I got from Lomobest mini importation training really opened my eyes, it made me understand what drop shipping is all about. With the knowledge I got from his training, buying and selling isn’t as difficult as I thought it to be. His mini importation class was indeed awesome! Thanks!

    Edith Akuoma

    You should be the next!

    Take advantage of this course and become the next person to give testimony.

    But, Wait!

    Before you go ahead and get this course, check the criteria below to see if you are eligible to take the course

    To be eligible for this course you must:

    1. Be willing to make money online and through Mini Importation.

    2. Have the hunger and zeal to learn, start and grow a business.

    3. Have the hustling spirit to apply and execute the strategies you'll discover from the course.

    Nothing will happen if you just study and do nothing, you must execute.

    4. Believe there's no overnight success unless you win a lottery.

    Don't bring a lottery mindset to this business

    In other to get the desired result you must pay with the aforementioned criteria

    Don't think you will start today and start raking in six figures early morning tomorrow.

    If you find it hard to understand this, please do yourself a favor and

    Don't Read Any Further

    Are you still here?

    Then you must be down to something good.

    Now that you are ready to make some moolah through Gadgets and Mini Importation by getting this course,

    I have 4 other bonuses for you...


    If you are among the first 30 people to pay for this training, you will:


    1. Get my Lead Generation Guide to learn how to do simple market research you can use to generate quality leads (customers) for your business for FREE.

    This will help you know how you can always easily get customers for your business so that you can make more sales and multiply your income.

    The guide is valued at N2,500.


    2. Get my Copywriting guide named, “Copywriting Simplified” for FREE.

    It’s an introductory guide to copywriting that will...

    ...show you how to make IRRESTITIBLE offers and write great advert copies (writeups) to sell your product. Valued at N3,000.

    3. Have access to my lifetime mentorship

    which means you can always reach out to me if you need me to guide you on anything.

    I'm still giving value to my students of 2 years ago at zero cost...

    This is invaluable but currently valued at N10,000.

    4. Get a Fill-in-the-Gap headline guide for FREE.

    It contains PROVEN headlines you can steal and tweak to create amazing headlines for your products so you can sell more and make more money.

    This Guide is valued at N5,000.


    All for you.


    That’s it!!! It's that POWERFUL!!!

    But you will only get these bonuses if you are among the first 30 people to pay for this training... and so far...

    ...17 people have already paid and have access to the course.

    Will you take one of the 13 slots left? 

    Are you willing to commit yourself to go through special training to get FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

    Now is the time,

    the only way you can lose out is by missing this opportunity.


    How much can you trade for all these benefits you'll be getting from the course?

    With the fact that this opportunity will impact your life positively, help you end your money worries,

    and because you won’t get this value elsewhere,

    can you trade N40k for it?

    It's worth more!

    No hype!

    This is it…

    Total bonuses value: N20,500.

    The total value of "Mini Importation Diversified Course" together with the bonuses: N50,500...

    But you're not going to pay N50,500 today anyways.

    Not even half of that...

    It’s AFFORDABLE!!!

    What you need to take advantage of this Mini Importation Diversified course and unlock your potential to make crazy money through e-commerce is only a small commitment of a one-time payment of N7,000.

    That's all you have you have to pay...

    For everything!!!

    But wait!

    For reading this far, it shows how determined you are.

    So, I want to give you a special deal again, together with the fast action bonuses... because...

    I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.

    But... see,

    If you are not among the fast action takers, you will miss this special deal FOREVER.

    So here here is the special deal:

    If you pay for this course today, you will pay only three thousand, four hundred and ninety nine naira only.

    Yes, you read that right,

    You pay only:


    If you are among the first 30 people.

    After the first 30 people, the price will revert to the normal price of N7,000.

    And... remember,

    this training will close after 100 persons have gotten access to it.

    So DON'T procrastinate,

    if you procrastinate, you will miss this sweet deal.

    Get access to this course right now to unlock and enjoy all the benefits and bonuses.


    I'm confident this course will change your story and help you make a of lot money online through Mini Importation.


    When you pay for this training, I won't withdraw your money for a complete 180 days.

    If after you get this course,

    you DON'T get value for your money... or... you've tried all you learned from the course and you didn't make more than the money you paid for the course within six months (180 days),

    come for a refund.

    It's easy,

    You just have to email [email protected] the proof that you have indeed tried everything you learned from the training but to no avail and your money will be refunded completely.

    Don't worry...

    You will still be allowed to keep the course and all the bonuses even after you get refunded.

    So, as you can see, this opportunity is 100% risk free if you take advantage of it.

    My 100% Customers' Support

    When you buy this course, any question you ask will be responded to and you'll have access to my lifetime mentorship.

    CLICK here to pay online now

    After payment, you'll get instant access to the training and you can study at your own pace.

    If you don’t like paying online,

    PAY N3,499 to:

    Ahmed Ogunrinde Olawale 0168236111 Gtb

    Send payment proof to 08183944584 on WhatsApp for confirmation... and... to get access to the course!

    See you on the inside,


    P.S: If you just scrolled down to see what's here, I understand.

    I also do that a lot. Lol

    Without further ado, here is the deal,

    I'm going to show you how to start your own gadgets and mini importation business the right way.

    You will be able to run the business from home, and I'll show you everything you need to know

    ...including how to start with absolutely ZERO capital using customers' money.

    See what you will discover from the course

    You will:

    • Know how to get quality products

    • Discover how to calculate your order and not run into debt

    • Start the business immediately without any delay because I’ll work you through every important process and make it easy for you.


    • Get my Guide on how to do simple market research you can use to generate quality leads (customers) for your business for FREE. Valued at N2,500.

    • I'll give you my Copywriting Simplified guide that will help you know how to make irresistible offers and write great advert copies (writeups) to sell your product. Get it for FREE. Valued at N2,000.

    • Have access to my lifetime mentorship, which means you can always reach out to me if you need me to guide you on anything. Valued at N10,000.

    • Get a Fill-in-the-Gap headline guide for FREE. It contains PROVEN headlines you can steal and tweak to create amazing headlines for your products.

    This guide is valued at N5,000.

    Normal Price: N7,000

    Offer Price: N3,499

    NOTE: All the bonuses, including the offer price, will expire after 30 people have registered and the course will close after 100 persons have registered for this batch. I don’t have the energy to take more people.

    P.P.S: The crazy 180-day guarantee on this course will be removed if charlatans try to abuse it just to scam me. So, you should enroll now before that happens.

    This is a deal you don't want to miss...

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What does it require to be an importer?

    A: You only need a Phone, access to the Internet, and a Phone number. The software you need is Chrome browser and WhatsApp.

    Q: How much can I start the business with?

    A: Even though this depends on what type of products you'd like to start with,

    You can start this business with N30-50k and expand as time goes on.

    But, with the bonus I’m giving you, you can start this business with absolutely zero capital and make money like crazy.

    Q: How do I get a dollar account to pay for my orders?

    A: You DON'T need a dollar account, you pay in naira with your naira account.

    Q: How am I sure these agents are genuine?

    A: These are agents that I and my colleagues and my students have been using and they are very efficient.

    Q: How am I sure I'm going to make a profit from Mini Importation?

    A: Mini Importation is a kind of business that guarantees an unlimited return on investment. How does 200-400% profit sound?

     Making more profit is easier if you follow the strategies shown in the course.

    Q: I have a job, can I still do this?

    A: Yes, everything is done with your phone. You can automate Ads for your products and work with courier companies to always help you deliver orders to your customers.

    Q: I don't have money to rent a physical store or know where I can get one, can I still do this business?

    A: Capital YES, importation DOESN'T require a physical store. You do everything online.

    Q: How long does shipping take from China to Nigeria?

    A: 7 to 14 days.

    Might be shorter or a bit longer depending on your mode of shipping.

    Q: I live outside Lagos, how can I get my shipped goods without going to Lagos?

    A: You don't need to go to Lagos to get your goods, you can get a Local Courier to deliver your goods to your doorstep.

    Q: I know a little about this business, do I still need your course?

    A: If you need to upgrade your knowledge and get improved results, you should get this course.

    But if you are already getting the kind of results you want, please ignore this course.

    Q: Is the N3,499 investment in this course worth it?

    A: The attached fee of N3,499 instead of the current N7,000 is just for commitment and to help you get on board. After getting the course, you will feel like you cheated me for paying that amount.

    Q: For how long will I have access to this course?

    A: After purchase, you will get a lifetime access to the course.

    Q: What format is this course?

    A: Four documents (pdf) files and four videos.

    The bonuses are all document (pdf) files.

    Q: Why are Turkey, Malaysia, etc, importation not included in your course?

    A: Let's face it, some countries have quality things you can't easily find in China BUT China still has the largest market and due to how SIMPLE China importation is and how CHEAP they sell their (quality) items, you will easily have control over your business and as well make more PROFITS than you could make if you import from other countries.

    More so, when you are presented with options to import from 10 countries, you get drowned in information and end up doing nothing. That's why we focus only on China importation. That's where the market is!

    Q: How can I get the course?

    Click the "orange" button below to get instant access.


    Iyanuoluwa Olawoyin

    Lomobest (or Olawale) mini importation training is what everyone doesn’t want to miss. Everyone that has interest in expanding his or her business to the next level that is getting items from the manufacturers directly will attend this training because it ranges from how to order, how to calculate the prices and you will be taught how to deal with agents. Though I didn't learn directly from him but he was of a great assistance to me, he taught me how to get to my potential customers at my convenience (from my comfort zone at home). He gave me a sales copy that helps me generate many customers. Explaining more on searching for items on the site and helped in any step that seemed disturbing to me. Someone I didn’t learn from did this much so I wonder what he would do when you learning directly from him. I recommend Lomobest he is one of the rare teachers that you will find.

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    My results are not typical, I've been at this for years and I can say this is not a "get rich quick" scheme but the right way to start mini importation business with the right strategies that have been working for me and others for a very long time. Every effort has been provided to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate and helpful to get you started now, but success depends on you taking positive actions, so if you're ready to take action for positive results, this is definitely for you!

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