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Innocent Nduaguba, A Young (Under 30) Crypto Wizard, Reveals Step-By-Step Surefire Crypto Secrets That Made Him Over N13m In Just 5 Month

Warning: This is an exclusive course opportunity available to only a few individuals who are dead serious about creating a passive income online through cryptocurrency

Dear Friend, 

Before you continue reading, please note that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme

And you are not promised the same result within the same timeframe as this young cryptocurrency wizard

But this is an authentic crypto secret that made the young wiz and his students over N13m (N13,104,326 to be precise) within the space of 5 months.

This classified secret was revealed by the young crypto millionaire himself...

So, sure enough, 

If you read this letter from the beginning to the end and follow what is outlined in it, you will;

  • End all your crypto-investment fears,

  • End all your crypto-investment losses,

  • End your overall financial struggles, and;

  • Be able to make money online passively through cryptocurrency

  • And you would have no choice but come out and give a testimony like;

    Bryan, who made N50k profit in just one day


    Or... Godswill who turned his $25 to $51 and still going


    Or… Bursar who doubled his investment in less than 5 days

    Or… Bursar who doubled his investment in less than 5 days

    Or… Oluwatuase who went from $20 to a HUGE $150


    Or even Kingsley who turned N36,650 to N76,409 in a shocking way


    And the good news is, these results are scalable.

    Let me explain...

    If you can earn $1 with a sure-fire strategy, you have a good chance of earning $10, $100, $1,000, or even more with the same strategy

    So no one gets these kinds of results on a platter of gold because…

    … These are the kind of results you get only when you have an excellent strategy and a good expert, like Innocent Nduaguba, behind you.

    These kinds of results are what many people are dying to get… especially, those who have more money to invest. 

    … but they keep losing money instead!

    Now, I've got a quick question for you.

    Have you ever tried to invest in cryptocurrency so you can get those kinds of results and ultimately build a passive income BUT usually end up being on the losing side?


    You've only had success once or a few times in the past but those wins have now been replaced with repeated losses of money?


    You've been trying to figure out how to go about the whole crypto stuff but always getting confused?


    Because it doesn't matter what you may have tried before or how you may have tried them…

    You can still make a shitload of money from cryptocurrency

    And I'll tell you why I'm so sure about that in a few minutes.

    Firstly, if you're trying to make money from crypto but your efforts always prove abortive, you might be doing something wrong.

    And talking about what you might be doing wrong, 

    Innocent, the young guy who made over N13m with his students from cryptocurrency in just 5 months, stated the...

    4 Overlooked Reasons Why You May Lose Money On Cryptocurrency

    Even though there are other reasons,

    He said these 4 reasons cost him a lot of money (more than any other reason) before he got his breakthrough

    They are:

      1. Lack of basic knowledge about cryptocurrency

      If you don't want to lose your money, don't ride on the flow of the wind and let it decide your fate.

      That's a WRONG thing to do in the crypto industry.

      Every time you invest in what you don't understand, you risk a high chance of losing money.

      So without having the basic knowledge of how crypto works, you will keep losing money until you decide to learn and know better.

      2. Thinking short term and not long term

      He said he's got his fingers burnt many times and missed the chance of becoming a millionaire sooner just because he was thinking short-term and not long-term.

      This, as he said, taught him the greatest crypto lesson he would never forget in his life.

      3. Believing that you wouldn't lose money at all

      This wrong belief will boost your confidence in following the bandwagon and buying the wrong assets, and in most cases, buying more than you can afford to lose.

      He said it would be total dishonesty if he says you won't lose money at all because that would make you overconfident and go overboard with your investment without taking precautions.

      This will make you buy more than you can afford to lose... and that's a deadly decision to make.

      And on the other hand, you also have to be confident so you don't ruin your investment with fear of losing money.

      In other words, be confident but NOT overconfident that you won't lose money at all.

      4. Listening to bad expert

      One sentence - You are more likely to succeed in this industry if you have a good expert. So be careful who you listen to.

    The question now is… why do people make these obvious mistakes?

    It's simply because people would rather boast of making enormous amounts of money from crypto than tell the public the truth about crypto.

    So it all boils down to "not having the shrewd knowledge about the industry.

    Reading one or two blog posts about cryptocurrency is not the way to learn about crypto if you're willing to make money from it.

    In fact,

    Lacking what Mr. Innocent termed as the c-CBK (core Crypto Basic Knowledge) has cost many people a lot of money… and… some have even lost their lives to heart attack or similar sickness due to a loss of money.

    This is why Mr. Innocent focuses more on this aspect of training... and... makes sure his students have the core basic knowledge (c-CBK) required to operate in the crypto industry so they can make money without depending on the wrong speculations.

    And the keyword here is "core"... NOT "surface" knowledge.

    And yes, he's saving a lot of people from getting into crypto pitfalls.

    Cryptocurrency is a proven vehicle for building a steady passive income... and... there is even more to it that needs you to act NOW...

    For example, 

    The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced that it will launch the pilot scheme of its digital currency on October 1st, 2021.

    That screams that the era of the traditional currency is fast disappearing into the ether and gradually being replaced with the era of digital currency.

    And talking about digital currency, 

    Cryptocurrency has unfair advantages over other forms of digital currency because of its decentralization (NOT being controlled by the government), transparency (no middleman needed for its transactions), and flexibility, to mention but a few.


    BIG and reputable companies are already making cryptocurrency their important mode of payment.

    Big companies such as Microsoft, AT & T, McDonald's, Virgin Galactic, etc... now accept payments in cryptocurrency.

    And more companies... and even individuals are following suit every day - in their massive numbers.

    So very soon, the traditional modes of transaction will almost be useless and it'll be too late for anyone sitting on the fence to get in at that time.

    That means...

    NOW is the right time to learn about cryptocurrency if you don't want to miss out on the current transitions from traditional to digital transactions.

    IMAGINE you are ever ready for the new shift and are able to take advantage of it when this is all ready before everyone knows about it because you know what millions of other people in your country - or billions of people in the world - don't know.


    IMAGINE how much you could be making and the kind of life you would be living if you had the right knowledge to invest in the right assets at the right time…

    Now, stop imagining because...

    That's the kind of results Mr. Innocent gets for people in the real world. 

    Hey, I'm Ahmed Olawale

    I've been recommending ideas and powerful online courses for my WhatsApp contacts since 2017.

    When I noticed how many people depended on my recommendations, I decided to take it more seriously by doing due diligence before recommending anything to anyone.


    It took me a WHOLE 3 years to find the perfect course for people who have been seeking my recommendation on a cryptocurrency course since 2018.

    And it goes without saying that...

    Innocent Nduaguba is a reliable tutor for crypto because he does it, makes money from it, and teaches people the same.

    Who is Innocent Nduaguba?

    Innocent Nduaguba

    Innocent Nduaguba is a first-class graduate of the department of physics at Kaduna state university.

    He's a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur with over 8 years of selling experience.

    In the Last 3 years alone, he has successfully managed the funds of over 2500 persons.

    He has trained and guided so many individuals in the world of Finance & Business through his online Training.

    He's referred to as the "Money Man"  because of his approach to money-making and how he helps people bag the money.

    His cryptocurrency course is one of his amazing online courses people are raving about on social media.

    Now, that's not all there is to know about him.

    Aside from having a great cryptocurrency course, Mr. Innocent does everything in his capabilities to make sure his students succeed.

    Tom Junior said: 

    "His love to rescue humanity from poverty is something that motivates me and I never regretted the day I came in contact with him. It's a blessing to be mentored by him."

    Samuel Akanbi said:

    "It's a great blessing to meet with the Money Man (Innocent). Being part of the circle is the part of the best decisions I've made"

    Yedenu said: 

    "Learning from the Money Man (Innocent) has been enlightening and eye-opening and I made money too even as a newbie in the crypto world. He makes all he teaches easy and understandable"

    Innocent Nduaguba and I are in the same 'Millionaire Inner Circle' with other great minds.

    And truly, anyone who has come in contact with him and took his course would surely become a raving fan because he simply overdelivers.

    So without mincing words, I'm introducing:

    down arrow

    Crypto Basic course

    This is a course where Innocent Nduaguba will teach you everything you NEED to know about cryptocurrency that made him and his students over N13m in just 5 months so you can replicate their success… and also create a passive income through cryptocurrency with peace of mind.

    With 2 ebooks and 14 videos, you are sure goimg to be amoured with the right crypto knowledge to create a passive income that will never fail you.

    In this course, you'll gain the core Crypto Basic Knowledge (c-CBK) on:

    • Indepth introduction to cryptocurrency

    • How to keep your crypto assets safe to avoid being vulnerable to attackers

    • How to avoid getting scammed

    • What to expect and what not to expect from crypto to avoid loss of money

    • 7 myths about cryptocurrency you should know to win big in the crypto industry

    • Detailed blockchain explanations

    • Differences between crypto and fiat

    • Smart contracts and their benefits in detail

    And a whole bunch more…

    He'll teach you the fundamentals of cryptocurrency in this course so you can always make smart decisions

    For example, 

    A part of the course is dedicated the history of crypto to help you understand how crypto has evolved over the years, 

    So you know what to expect NOW and in the future.

    And that's not all

    One of the ebooks will practically take you from being a newbie to gaining the core crypto basic knowledge and helping you...

    ...Become A Verified Cryptocurrency Trader And Avoid The Limitations A Lot Of New Traders Face Without Proper Direction 

    Navigate Through Your Cryptocurrency Journey In 3 Steps

    But don't just take my word for it...

    See what others are saying too:

    CBC Testionial
    CBC Testionial-1
    CBC Testionial-2
    CBC Testionial-4
    CBC Testionial-4
    CBC Testionial-5

    Want to be the next person in line to give testimony?

    I guarantee that you will if you enrol for CBC, but you need to qualify for the course first.

    How? See...

    The 4 criteria you must meet to qualify for the Crypto Basic Course

    • Be willing to make money through cryptocurrency

    • Have the willpower to take action - no room for non-action takers

    • You must be patient and NOT expect to make money overnight

    • Be fully ready to make money and also learn to spend it rightly

    If you fail to meet any of the above criteria, please stop reading right here because he can't help you.

    Still here? Great, you're ready to transform your financial life… no doubt!

    Now, with all the outstanding results you're going to get after taking this course, how much does it worth to you?

    Let me help you...

    You can pay a comfortable N100k for this course and it'd still be a steal

    BUT the price is currently N45k… and… you are NOT even going to pay near that amount today!

    Wait! Special offer

    You Will Also Get Instant Access To These 3 Awesome Bonuses If You Grab This Offer Today

    BONUS 1: 7 Ways To Earn Passively With Cryptocurrency

    7 Ways To Earn Pasively With Cryptocurrency

    You will find out in this guide the 7 sure ways to earn passively with cryptocurrency (₦7,000 FREE)

  • BONUS 2: Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies

    Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies

    Get this beginneer's guide to profitable cryptocurrency investing so you can easily create a crypto strategy that matches your goals (₦5,000 FREE)

  • BONUS 3: The Candlestick Trading Bible

    The Candlestick Trading Bible

    Be amoured with "the most successful trader of all time's trading strategy so you can easily understand trading and do it successfully (₦10,000 FREE)

  • BONUS 4: Technical Analysis Videos

    You'll also get 10 exlusive videos on Technical Analysis to help you master the analysis game (value ₦27,000 FREE)

    Total value of all BONUSES = ₦49,000

    Total value of CBC + BONUSES = ₦94,000

    But all you have to pay today to access this life-changing course is only a one-time fee of ₦94,000 ₦9999. That's you saving a HUGE ₦84k...

  • This is the same strategy that helped Martin turn 45K to N220K leaving him with a massive profit of 175K


    And also helped Adeniran make over 46,000 in profit within 24 hours


    And that's just scratching the surface of tens of testimonials coming out of CBC community.

    Now, let me ask you...

    If all this did was help you to make money online passively and peacefully, would it be worth it?

    If all this did was help you end all your financial worries, would it be worth it?

    If yes, then CLICK the orange button below to signup before the discount goes away.

    This price is available ONLY for a limited time.

    The reason for this temporary discount is to celebrate our "Platform Launching Period" and easily welcome you on board...

    But we're taking down the offer anytime from now.

    So your best opportunity is to signup right NOW!


    There is NO obligation whatsoever for you to sign up for this course

    As a matter of fact, that won't change anything about how we go about our business and hit our financial goals.

    But if you don't signup now, you'll keep losing money on cryptocurrency and by the time you'd want this course, you'd have wasted a lot of money and still pay x5 (if not more) for the course.


    Don't worry, your signup fee is covered with our crazy:

    30-day Money-Back Guarantee

    That means you have 30 days, after purchasing the course, to check the course to see if it's worth your money or not.

    I bet you'd love the course but if you think it's crap, just send an email to [email protected] or WhatsApp 08183944584 and we'll see how we can help you and/or refund your money if we are unable to help.

    We are trusting you with this crazy deal because we know you won't misuse it.

    That being said, the risk is on us, NOT YOU!

    So pick up your risk-free Crypto Basic Course now and put an end to your financial worries.

    P.S: Did you miss the whole gist? I got you…

    Here is the summary of everything I discussed above:

    If you want to make money passively with peace of mind through cryptocurrency, 

    Innocent Nduaguba will pass you the core crypto knowledge (c-CBK) on everything you NEED to know about crypto, in his 'Crypto Basic Course (CBC)'...

    You'll discover the following from the course:

    • Indepth introduction to cryptocurrency

    • How to keep your crypto assets safe to avoid being vulnerable to attackers

    • How to avoid getting scammed

    • What to expect and what not to expect from crypto to avoid loss of money

    • Detailed blockchain explanations

    • Smart contracts and their benefits in detail.

    And lots more…

    The current price for this course is only ₦94,000 ₦9999 if you're fast enough to get the discount.

    And you also get your money back in 30 days if the course isn't worth your money and we are unable to help you.

    So are you ready to save yourself the headache of losing money on crypto and create passive income with it instead?

    This offer expires in:









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