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Black Friday Deal
Get 20% of the total price back when you enrol in this graphic design course which shows you...

Exactly How A Postgraduate Who Never Used His Certificate Made His First And Recurring 7-figure From Home...

By Leveraging the Canva Design App on His Phone And How You Too Can Replicate The Process

He holds your hands and walks you through the exact process in his "Canva for Entrepreneurs (C4E)" course.

And at the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Design professional, stunning, and converting graphics with the simple tool on your phone

  • Get a remedy for your business low sales

  • Build a high-income generating system from home with your smartphone

  • Become financially independent and free

  • Charge what you're worth with strong confidence

And when you get this course before November 30th, not only will you get it at a 50% discount,

But you'll also get 20% of the discounted price as our Black Friday gift to you just for taking the course.

Here's how that works:

Once your order is complete, simply send a message to 08183944584 on WhatsApp with your order evidence... and drop your account details to receive your gift.









In this course, you'll discover:

  • The 3 business Canva models that could make you a millionaire before the end of the year

  • How to brand yourself to attract your target audience

  • What it takes to be creative and make jaw-dropping designs as he does

  • The basic design principles that will set you apart from thousands of smartphone graphic designers

  • You will also discover how to transform your business, dominate your market, sell like crazy, and cut the design budget with Canva designs.

  • You will learn how to design like a pro, render design services like FLYER and LOGO and make 6 figures monthly.

All with your smartphone.

Now, let me tell you...

How it Works

In 14 days (yes, he's taking you for a WHOLE 14 days for effective delivery), Naheem Uthman will expose you to his 3-year Canva design experience on:

  • Design Principles

  • Branding Guides

  • Flyer Design

  • Product Design

  • E-book Creation

  • E-book Cover Design

  • Profile Creation

  • Carousel Design

  • Canva Troubleshooting

  • Advert flyer

  • Motion Graphics

  • Business Card Design

  • ID Card and more

These are the necessary and sufficient designs you NEED to stand out, dominate and win your market.

And you can PRINT all of these designs.

The good thing is, you do NOT need a system to achieve these. Just your smartphone and data connection is enough.

He will hold you by hand like a 7-year-old child and practically show you his phone screen designing.

And that's NOT ALL...

On the 14th day, you will be taken on an hour-long 'Sales and Marketing' journey on how to sell ANYTHING anywhere in the world.

See What Other People Are Saying

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Now, I've got a quick question…

Judging by the fact that this course can make you 6-figures every month and put an end to all your financial fears, 

How much is this course worth to you?

Imagine how you can improve your sales or how high you can charge if you can simply make professional designs on your smartphone WITHOUT touching any complicated designing tools.

Does it make sense if you pay N50,000 to learn a skill that could make you N1m within 6 months if you take action?

I know, it's a no-brainer…

Any sane person would answer yes.

But there is no way we will let you pay that much today.

But before then,

There are even more bonuses for you.

When you sign up for the course from here, you will also get these amazing bonuses:

  • 3 ebooks on sales and marketing

  • Naheem's premium books

  • You will be exposed to the hidden tools and hacks to create beautiful designs to sell your products and services

  • You also stand a chance of winning N10,000 cash prize

  • You get 2GB worth of MTN data from Mastereto to use for the first 2 days of the course (800 value)

The total value of C4E and all the bonuses including the materials is N200,800

But he's not that cruel to charge you that much.

So to help people take advantage of this course and create a source of income for themselves like he did for himself and over 700 others…

He's currently charging only


However, we made him agree to leave his HUGE 50% discount and let people who'd signup from here pay ONLY:


Yes, only N5k is now what it will take you to build an income generator that could make you your first million or more in your first year alone with your smartphone.

That's like paying N358 daily for 14 days to make money consistently and forever with your smartphone.

That's the bargain of the century!


How long he leaves the discount is entirely up to him, I can't convince him to leave it a little longer if he doesn't want to.

So your best opportunity is to grab the offer NOW!

And if you want to end your business low sales challenges and/or build a high-income generator by leveraging the simple graphic tool with your smartphone

CLICK the orange button below to signup for the current offer now before he takes it down.

When you click the button, you'll get access to the product page.

On the next page, click the "Buy now" button and follow the screen to purchase the course.

See you on the other side.

You see, it doesn't matter if you take this opportunity or not.

We'll still be going about our business and hitting our financial goals and still raising millionaires through our recommended courses.

But without this opportunity, you'll still be finding it hard to get the hang of the Canva app to the extent of charging HIGH for your skill.

And in case you are not sure if you can get all these juicy results from the course, don't worry... try it with

14-day Money-Back Guarantee

If after 14 days you see that this course isn't valuable... like it doesn't deliver on the promise we've made, you can ask for a refund.

Just email [email protected] or chat 08183944584 and your money will be refunded with an apology for wasting your time.

So this course is entirely risk-free and we are sure you'll love it because you'll get results 

P.S: If you ever doubt graphic design is a lucrative skill that is worth spending money and time to learn, take a look at these pictures below:


These pictures show how hot in demand Graphic Design skill is.

They show that...

If you can make stunning designs that can pass a meaningful message and/or make sales for businesses, you can charge high for your skill

And… ultimately make tons of money from home… with your smartphone.

Because graphic design is a high-income skill… and designers charge very high for their job.

I know… there are tons of designers out there charging peanuts for their skill 

But I have worked with over a dozen graphic designers who charge what they are really worth and make a shitload of money weekly.

I'll show you…

See when I had to speak Zlatan's language because of a price I was charged by a graphic designer for a logo…


Or this… (the least price I could get that time)


Or when I had to run a Facebook ad and needed a flyer...


These designers even gave me the lowest prices because I'm their guy actually

You see, 

If you are good at what you do, you can charge like this or even more. (Yes, I know designers who charge 50k+ for a logo.)

It's even more interesting because...

Not only can you work with clients and charge them what you're worth 

BUT you can also cut the design budgets for your business… handle the graphic works yourself… and increase your sales massively.

Either way, you make money!

But the reason why you can't make money from graphic design or why you can't charge high is because…

You are either scared of the complexity of design tools

OR think you lack the creativity needed to create stunning designs


You do NOT know the advanced way of using a simple design tool like Canva… and… the right business strategy to leverage your skill…

But that's NOT your fault anyway.

It's because of how some graphic gurus make it seem impossible to make astonishing designs with simple graphic tools on your smartphone… and... make beginners think they can't master the skill.

But Naheem Uthman (the postgraduate I talked about earlier), reveals the technical know-how to use Canva, a simple graphic tool, the advanced way… with your mobile phone

And the marketing psychology you need to sell your graphic skill or anything... anywhere… in the world.

And that information is readily available to you…

BUT you've got to act NOW because Naheem is planning to either block access to this information so he could focus more on making designs…

Or charge 5x the current token for the information so he'd know he's getting paid his time's worth to teach you this skill.

He'll either go with the former or latter option (whichever pleases him).

I've studied Naheem Uthman (the millionaire Canva graphic designer) and his graphic design course for close to a year after we both graduated from Bachelor of Copywriting in 2020...

And he has what it takes to get people the results they want through his course because…

The course is extremely simplified and detailed that it'd not only make you design astonishing graphics

But also always gets your creativity juice flowing every time you pick your phone and open your app to design.


He has coached over 700 people who can proudly vouch for him at any given moment… over 700 people can't be wrong, right?

And the good news?

It doesn't matter if you already know about Canva or not (we even recommend you forget everything you know about Canva now) because...

What Naheem teaches in his graphic design course (Canva For Entrepreneurs (C4E) is totally different from what others are teaching out there.

And I'm very sure you'd be wowed by what you can do even before completing the course.

So, if you'd like to master the art of creating designs that sell with your smartphone,

Then click the button below to join over 700 happy students now...









Enter your name and email address below to sign up

On the next page, click the "Buy now" button and follow the screen to purchase the course

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