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Gaining mastery in vital skills has never been easier

The fact that someone is successful at doing something doesn't mean they are the go-to person to learn from. It only works when the person is successful and also obsessed with mentoring you to succeed. And that's where Mastereto comes in.

What it's About

Mastereto is on a mission to shake the digital training world. We carefully hand-pick and recommend proven online courses that make mastery easier. Thereby guaranteeing real-world results.

We visualize the possibility to empower online learners with the mastery they need to get the results they desire in their chosen fields.

The Story

It all started after Ahmed Ogunrinde Olawale (Lomobest) had spent a lot of money and time on online courses before realizing that most online course creators create courses with only one intention – to make money off people, for themselves – and nothing else matters to them.

What he found out about online course creators is the reason why the majority of learners won't get results...

Ahmed OlawaleAhmed Olawale - Mastereto

The Truth About Online Course Creators

There are 3 categories of course creators that predetermine your success

The 1st set

They might be successful at what they do. But they create courses to build themselves another source of income rather than mentoring others to be like them.

The 2nd set

They just learn a skill and start teaching others straight out of the gate... without practising what they teach.

Well... Uhm


Some of them took a little step further and practice what they learned but didn't really gain mastery or get significant results. So they resort to teaching others what they themselves haven't mastered - just to fill their own pocket.

That's a BIG blow to the face of people who truly want to gain mastery and get real-world results.

But fortunately, there is...

The 3rd set

We refer to this set of creators as (supportive) "MENTORS"

This set of creators are masters at what they do and are obsessed with helping others too.

How do we proffer a solution?

We recommend proven online courses to people who are looking to gain mastery in digital skills to get an unfair advantage in their chosen fields. Our partnership with the 3rd set of creators makes this a possibility.

Our main focus is on Supportive mentors. Easy-to-understand course materials. Mastery. Real-world results. Not clean course materials. Not a beautiful website. Those are just extras for us.

Gaining mastery in vital skills just got easier with Mastereto.

Meet The Team

Meet our amazing team working day in day out behind the scene to to provide the best learning platform for learners.

Folarin Raphael - Mastereto

Folarin Raphael

Lead Graphic Designer

Zainb Yusuf - Mastereto

Zainab Yusuf

Graphic Designer

Zainb Yusuf - Mastereto

Zainab Babalola

Product Designer/Mngr

Olokunjuwon Biola - Mastereto

Olokunjuwon Biola

Social Media Manager

What Next?

Are you looking to gain mastery in a digital skill so you can easily thrive in your field?

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Our recommended courses are done by supportive mentors who have gained mastery in what they do and teach. And truly care about helping you get your desired real-world results.

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Mastereto is your #1 website for recommended online courses that guarantee real-world results. We partner with supportive mentors who truly care about your results.


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